We do everything – from a one-stop source

MOVING POSTER implements your mobile billboard poster campaign from its conception and selection of advertising vehicles, to its production, execution and documentation.
Everything is from a one-stop source. Our consultation services have top priority when choosing the fleet, speci-fying the advertising area and deciding on the duration of the campaign.

Service right from the beginning

MOVING POSTER offers an all-round service in any advertising area to suit every kind of budget. 

As specialists in the field of truck advertising, we drive your advertisement forward. Our complete service guarantees our mutual success “on the road”. 

We select the best fleet of advertising vehicles, organize the materials and printing, attach the billboard posters and launch your campaign.

Then to provide you with an overview afterwards, we document the entire services: Customers are given a digital record of each advertising vehicle.

Our services when planning and implementing your campaign

We do all the work on your behalf. That’s our job of course.
Our all-round service for a successful campaign comprises the following: 

Campaign planning:

  • In-depth, personal consultation when planning your MOVING POSTER advertising campaign.
  • Choosing the optimum operational area together with you.
  • Defining the duration of the campaign in order to increase the chance of gross impressions.
  • Establishing the optimum routing in your chosen advertising area.
  • Selecting the advertising vehicles and surface areas suitable for your campaign.
  • Monitoring and inspecting the defined campaign guidelines.
  • Tracking the advertising vehicles with GPS if requested.
  • Compiling documentation of the MOVING POSTER campaign.
  • Presenting a campaign album for evaluation.

    Production and printing:


    • Selecting suitable materials and producers.
    • Printing the billboard poster foils and tarpaulins with your advertisement design.
    • Finishing.

    Processing and installing:

    • Attaching and installing the foils/tarpaulins on the advertising vehicles.
    • Cleaning and maintaining the billboard posters and advertising vehicles regularly.
    • Removing and disposing of the advertising foils at the end of the campaign.

    4 simple steps to launch your campaign:

    1.    Request an offer.
    2.    Book your MOVING POSTER campaign.
    3.    Send us your advertisement design.

    We do everything else for you. That’s how easy it is with MOVING POSTER.

    And the 4th step?

    4.    You simply lean back, relax and enjoy watching us drive your campaign forward.