Handcraft, installation and processing for the success of your campaign

MOVING POSTER produces your mobile billboard poster advertising campaign beginning with the selection of suitable materials through to printing and ending with attaching the foils or tarpaulins professionally to the truck.

It goes without saying that we also make sure the billboards are cleaned regularly.

Our guarantee to carry out the job quickly and faultlessly boils down to experience and skill. And we have more than 13 years of that.

You, as our customer, supply us with your campaign design, and we make sure it is implemented perfectly with regard to materials, printing and installation.

The MOVING POSTER service for materials and printing

We provide you with the following services:

  • Selecting suitable materials such as foils or tarpaulins.
  • Print monitoring.
  • Printing the billboard poster foils or tarpaulins with your advertisement design.
  • Finishing with laminate or protective lacquer.

The MOVING POSTER service for attachment and installation

The MOVING POSTER service includes the following provisions within the scope of the installation and for launching your campaign:

  • Attaching the MOVING POSTER advertising foils or tarpaulins.
  • Regular cleaning and maintaining of the billboard posters.
  • Removing the billboard poster foils or tarpaulins.
  • Disposing of the billboard poster foils or tarpaulins at the end of the campaign.

Data preparation or do you require graphic support?

If requested, we will undertake the graphic data preparation.

We can process the following formats: .eps, freehand, .jpg and .pdf. The resolution should be at least 300 dpi or a minimum of 72 dpi for a 1:1format.

We shall be happy to supply you with additional information at your request.