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Questions and answers concerning truck advertising with MOVING POSTER

Which formats of MOVING POSTER are available for truck advertising?

We offer a customised format, MP S, and standard sizes of 6 m², 9 m², 12 m² and 36 m² which correspond to 12, 18, 24 and 72 sheet formats of classic billboard posters.
 Precise dimensions can be found on the respective pages: MP S FORMAT, MP 12 FORMAT,  MP 18 FORMAT,  MP 24 FORMAT and MP 72 FORMAT.

Detailled information is available on the site of each format.

Page "Overview" gives you the possibility to compare all the facts of the MP-formats.

How many MOVING POSTER billboard posters do I need to ensure a high impact campaign?

Assuming you use the MP 12 format, you’ll establish a good reach in a relatively large advertising area in UK by booking 250 units.Your campaign will cover the whole of UK when you book 1,000 units or more.

Naturally, other unit volumes are ideal for other, individual advertising areas at local, regional or international level.

In Austria you can already establish a good reach as of 50 units in the MP 12 format. A minimum volume of 150 items enables you to showcase your campaign throughout Austria.

Naturally, other unit volumes for MOVING POSTER billboard posters are ideal for other, individual advertising areas at local, regional or international level. 

Tell us about your advertising objectives. We’d be pleased to advise you. 

Where do the MOVING POSTER billboard posters actually go to?

MOVING POSTER billboard posters are mainly on the road in the advertising areas you have reserved and on your preferred routes.

We would be pleased to advise you on the solution that meets your individual requirements best.

Our database enables you to make national, international and even regional bookings (right down to a radius of 25 km even) for any area in Germany, Austria and Europe. 

Can I monitor truck advertising?

With the aid of the GPS tracking feature you can monitor and follow the progress of any of your mobile billboard posters on the trucks and HGV trailer by computer from the convenience of your work desk.

This service is available for any MOVING POSTER billboard poster.

Where are the advertising vehicles mainly on the road during a national campaign?

Irrespective of your desired area, if you book a national campaign then MOVING POSTER advertising vehicles will be getting your advertising message across mainly on motorways (70%) and also on A roads, access roads to towns and cities and in urban areas (30%)!

How are the MOVING POSTER billboard posters deployed?

The MOVING POSTER billboard posters are mounted on vehicles which can regularly be seen for an average of about 12 - 14 hours a day, from Mondays to Saturdays, and partly on Sundays. 
 The MP 18 can also be seen around the clock.

How long is the minimum runtime?

You are free to choose the runtime that’s right for you – from a day to several weeks or months – depending on your marketing and advertising goals.
MOVING POSTER is as ideal for running campaigns as it is for long-term image advertising.

How many advertising vehicles are available?

An almost unlimited number. We have about 15,000 advertising vehicles registered in our database and can immediately access over 30,000 more. 

What kind of advertising vehicles are used and who drives them?

We cooperate with vehicle fleet owners, freight forwarders and haulage firms which dispense with their own advertising and are on the road with your message.

What happens if the advertising vehicles have to be repaired or serviced?

The agreed advertising runtime will be extended by the same amount of time which an advertising vehicle spends off the road due to a technical defect.    

In general:

  • We only use modern vehicles.
  • The advertising itself and the vehicles are cleaned at regular intervals.
  • We constantly monitor our contractual partners.
  • We also offer GPS tracking. See the GPS tracking section.
  • Upon request, a non-competition clause ensures that advertising from your competitors is not placed on the same 
advertising vehicle.