Designing billboard posters for optimum advertising

The design of billboard posters for truck advertising requires a slightly different lay-out to classic billboard posters used for advertising at the roadside.

The advertising truck boasts huge advantages in planning and design as well as certain additional benefits, thanks to the uniquely placed advertising environment and the movement of the truck billboard poster together with the form and function of the truck as an advertising medium.

1.) Truck advertising travels in the middle of the road and directly in front of the eyes of the consumer. 

2.) Uniquely placed, without any other advertising to compete with, mobile billboard posters are the only form of advertising permitted on the roads in the traffic environment. 

3.) In addition, the MOVING POSTER advertising media, which function basically as transport vehicles, can be integrated into the design creation, adding to the surprise and attracting even more attention. It almost urges you to represent the advertised product as goods in transit on the left, right and rear panels. An endless number of creative designs are possible.

Criteria for creating billboard posters for effective advertising

The 5 most important criteria for a well-created design are:

  • A good picture is more important than the text.
  • The wording of the text message should be short and striking (3 – 5 words).
  • A clear, explicit call to act should be given.
  • The optimum placement of the logo is at the top.
  • The internet address, QR Code and/or telephone number should be in large print and clearly visible.

A clear message

The message must be grasped within a fraction of a second.

Please bear in mind that a billboard poster is not a flyer, but rather it should be striking, arouse interest and stay in the memory, in order to trigger future action on the part of the consumer.

Criteria for creating billboard posters for mobile advertisements

Please note that truck advertising is visible from greater distances than classic billboard posters at the roadside. Visibility is possible from distances much greater than 300 m.

It has been proven that moving objects magically draw the eye to themselves.

Creative, startling designs intensify the curiosity of the observer to learn more about what is featured. Attention focuses longer on the motif and the advertising message.
As a result, impact and retention values increase enormously and, in turn the  advertising effectiveness of the entire campaign.

Support with your design

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