Christoph Huber, CEO MOVING POSTER

Truck advertising is what we do best

MOVING POSTER is a pan-European company and an expert for mobile, billboard poster truck advertising.

“We drive your advertising campaign forward, enabling your billboard poster advertisements to attract greater attention and appeal, and to be seen by a much wider section of the public.

Since our formation in 2000, we have numbered among Europe’s leading outdoor advertising companies.” 

Christoph Huber

Ultimate service without any ifs and buts.

We respond to your needs immediately, flexibly and directly. This approach is valued by our customers, as is the personalized care we provide during the entire course of the campaign.

We are an owner-run company, and this is just where we differ. We are highly motivated and committed to aiding your success.

» We want to stand out from the competition, so we
opt for dynamic and striking advertising to
communicate effectively with our consumers.
ideal medium.«


Your target group – our mission.

Truck advertising is visible all the time and is always present.

With MOVING POSTER we offer modern, large-format, mobile advertising media, which convey your advertising message directly and strikingly to the customer.


Our truck advertising is the only form of advertising allowed on roads and motorways.

Our fleets operate in road networks where there is heavy traffic. You select where you wish to advertise – at regional, national or cross-border level.

Diminishing costs – success in numbers.

As one of our customers, MOVING POSTER offers you a perfect all-round service.

You also profit from the optimal cost-benefit ratio of mobile billboard poster advertising and a diminishing Cost Per Mille (CPM) price of €0.95 to €0.25. 


Advertising campaigns with MOVING POSTER cover approximately 185,000 km annually and generate over 21 million visual contacts.

Uniquely placed, undisturbed and successful.

A solo performance with results.

MOVING POSTER transports your campaign effectively and catches the eye, with the aim of extending the reach of your advertising message rapidly and intensively.

Truck advertising always arouses interest.

It’s not possible to switch to another channel, to turn it off or skip the page.   


MOVING POSTER reaches a large portion of the mobile population within a short space of time, thereby generating excellent contact frequency.

A decisive success factor in this is the unrivalled monopoly of trucks, which can only be to your advantage.

We don’t do anything else.

At MOVING POSTER, specialists with years of experience and a genuine passion are at work.

We guarantee an all-round service during implementation, from planning to production and from consultation to documenting your campaign.

We offer everything from one source. Professional competence and a marked appreciation of quality go hand in hand at MOVING POSTER with more than 13 years’ experience of billboard poster advertising. 

“For us quality is a tradition.“