Your desired surface area

With special advertising formats MP S, the size and shape of the billboard poster area are fabricated individually according to your wishes, making them unique and custom-made.

Advertising format MP S/CLP is best used in either horizontal or vertical format on smaller, manoeuvrable advertising vehicles for satisfying individual advertising targets in urban or regional areas. 

Advertising format MP S/18 with its 18 classic sheets on the side panels of the advertising vehicle is the best choice for POS advertising and for precisely defined routes around venues. It enables you to attract attention and to arrange the area in front of the venue and the desired routes around the event area to your own advantage.

Using advertising format MP S we can react flexibly to your ideas and present our special offers for extra tours.

Data of MOVING POSTER MP S Special format

MP S format size:  size as requested, e.g. CLP, 18/1 or else
Placement:  left and right panel of the advertising vehicle
Runtime period:  on request 2 weeks to 24 months
Advertising days :  on request individually from 1 day (PAL S 18) or 22 to 25 days per month
Gross impressions chances per MP S CLP format unit, per month:  regional from 330,000 up to 1,150,000
Average coverage of the MP S format truck advertising:  depending on covered routes, individually to daily minimum 50 to 425 km
Advertising area:  just as you wish, urban, regional, national

Your special offer

You are not sure about these wonderful possibilities that our truck advertising can do to your business? Get in touch with us and ask for the best offer to improve your campaign.

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