The all-rounder

Your campaign designs, always visible and continually present, are presented to potential customers on a total area of 24 m².

Advertising format MP 24 is placed on both sides of the advertising truck. With a width of 6,2 m and a height of 2 m it offers the optimum size for urban and regional advertising campaigns.

Data of side panel advertising format MP 24

  • MP 24 format size:  6.2 m width x 2.0 m height
  • Placement:  left and right panel of the advertising vehicle
  • Runtime period:  2 weeks to 24 months
  • Advertising days : 22 to 25 days per month
  • Gross impressions chances per MP 24 format unit, per month:  regional from 330,000 up to 1,150,000
  • Average coverage of the MP 24 format truck advertising:  daily minimum 150 to 725 km
  • Advertising area:  just as you wish, regional, national, international.

Your offer for "the all-rounder", side panel advertising format MP 24

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