The classic

Rear Panel advertising format MP 12 is ideal for national advertising campaigns or for your selected routes. It generates hundreds of thousands of impressions each month because it is unique, striking and clearly visible from a greater distance.

The popular advertising format MP 12 is attached to the rear panel of the advertising vehicle on an area of approximately 6 m². With a height of 2.45 m and a width of 2.25 m it is the most frequently booked format and, therefore, a classic in all advertising areas.

For your successful rear panel truck advertising, we only choose those trade partners who drive billboard poster advertising as fleet advertising precisely in your advertising area. The correct number for perfect rear panel truck advertising can definitely be found in our portfolio of more than 27,000 advertising vehicles.

Rear panel advertising format MP 12 is always uniquely placed and the optimum moving poster for your successful advertising campaign.

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Data of rear panel advertising format MP 12

  • MP 12 format size: 2,25 m width und 2,45 m height
  • Placement: Rear panel of advertising vehicle
  • Runtime period:    2 weeks to 24 months
  • Advertising days:  22 to 25 days per month
  • Gross impressions chances per MP 12 format unit, per month:  up to 880,000
  • Average coverage of the MP 12 format truck advertising:  daily minimum 475 to 725 km
  • Advertising area:  just as you wish, regional, national, international.

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You can book MP 12 format for any of your advertising campaigns and for fleet advertising. Vehicle advertising in this format is available on a regional, cross-border, national and international basis.
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