Measured in terms of success.

  • Your advertising is uniquely placed and attracts intensive attention (by 69% of the population – Contrast / ABH study).
    Mobile billboard poster advertising is unrivalled when it moves around the road directly in front of the eyes of the customer – meaning that there are no other advertising vehicles to be seen.
  • Mobile billboard poster advertising is the only kind of advertising permitted on motorways.     
    That means for example that motorists can view truck advertising campaigns undisturbed in the advertising area of motorways which have a daily traffic volume of millions of vehicles.
  • Long dwell times: the mobile billboard posters move right in front of the eyes of customers who are in the middle of overtaking or driving behind.
  • The truck advertising billboard poster is seen for longer times than in the case of other advertising vehicles (from an average of 11 seconds to many minutes).
  • High impact: mobile billboard posters have high recall values (84% recall the advertising subject – DMG/GfK study).
  • Furthermore, truck advertising billboard poster is regarded as being highly attractive.
  • Mobile billboard posters in the form of truck advertising can generate up to 50,000 impressions a day.
  • Since the volume of traffic on the roads is increasing you benefit from a higher number of possible impressions.

Mobile billboard poster advertising

Mobile poster advertising is appealing, surprising and reasonably priced compared to other forms of outdoor advertising.

It has a great impact because it appeals to the population and generates optimum reach in the target group of motorists.
Mobile poster advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising among transport media.

Optimum visibility anytime, anywhere

•    No switching channels (cheaper than TV).
•    No page turning (grabs the attention more efficiently than print).
•    No switching off (greater presence than radio).
•    Provides an extension to the messages conveyed by traditional media.
•    Accompanies motorists during the course of the day.
•    Moves your brand onto the road and drives it forward.
•    Provides optimum cost effectiveness: CPM commences at €0.25
      (depending on the duration of the campaign).
•    Has a very good image effect:
     Truck advertising is conspicuous, entertaining and appealing in the monotony of traffic.

Gross impressions

The number of gross impressions attained nationally each month for advertising format MP 12 (rear panel): 880,000
Example: 250 MP 12 advertising vehicles attain 2.2 million gross impressions per campaign.

Gross impressions from example campaigns

...with various MOVING POSTER advertising formats:

  • Berlin (urban): 1 250 000 on format Side panels MP 24
  • Wien (urban): 1 050 000 on format Side panels MP 24
  • München–Düsseldorf (national): 1 125 000 on format Full Branding MP 72
  • Wien–Innsbruck (national): 1 050 000 on format Full Branding MP 72
  • Frankfurt–Hamburg (national): 880 000 on format Rear panel MP 12
  • Graz–Wien (national): 725 000 on format Rear panel MP 12

Road coverage

The average road coverage of the advertising vehicles for advertising format Rear Panel MP 12 and advertising format Full Branding MP 72:
Annually: 185,000 km and above  
Monthly: 15,000 km and above
Daily: 650 km and above

Example: 250 MOVING POSTER advertising vehicles cover a distance of more than 3.8 million documented kilometres each month.
Fifty MOVING POSTER advertising vehicles travel approximately 750,000 kilometres in the same period.


MOVING POSTER campaigns are always custom-made. Prices are calculated on an individual basis and differ according to the campaign targets and requirements.We would be pleased to prepare a personal offer for you. Simply get in contact with us!

The more details you include regarding your targets and wishes, the better we can calculate:  

  • What advertising area do you wish to be active in?
  • Which target groups do you wish to reach?
  • How many advertising vehicles should be in operation?
  • What formats are suitable for your MOVING POSTER campaign?
  • How long should your campaign be effective for?

"We are on hand at all times to answer your questions and offer advice. We look forward to hearing from you!"


How people respond to truck advertising

Starting point for the truck advertising campaign with PLAKAT AM LKW
(which is MOVING POSTER in german speaking countries):
110 PAL 12 (MOVING POSTER Format MP 12) and 3 PAL 72 (MOVING POSTER Format MP 72) were on the road in Austria and abroad in the countries:
South Germany, Italy and Switzerland
from December 2006 to February 2007.
Survey period: April 2007 to end of May 2007
Survey venues: service stations, car parks in the advertising area of Austria
Number: 125


People having seen the MOVING POSTER campaign:

> 52.0%            more than once
> 18.5%            once
> 12.5%            never  

In other words it means that more than 70% of the respondents have seen the MOVING POSTER campaign at least once.

Of the respondents:

> 17.0%            had seen the truck advertising campaign at least once a day(!).

Further findings with regard to the MOVING POSTER campaign:

> 73.0%             prefer advertising on truck sides and rear panels to other forms of
                            outdoor advertising
> 95.0%             find trucks with advertisements more attractive than those without
> 97.0%             registered advertisements on truck sides and rear panels more
                            than once

What´s truck advertising with MOVING POSTER?

This subtle little story tells you what a powerful difference truck advertising can make:
You’re driving along in your car. For the purposes of the story it doesn’t matter if you’re the actual driver or a passenger.

You like to treat yourself to some of life’s little luxuries from time to time.
So today you stop off at the next service station for a break, although you don’t usually bother doing so.
 In the restaurant you want to order a caffe latte and one of those irresistibly delicious little cakes to go with it.

Yet wait a second! Today you’ve gone and ordered an ice-cream sundae, instead.
But why? After all, you rarely eat ice cream, and if you do it’s at the Italian place around the corner from where you live.

So what happened?
 Well, it’s quite simple. You were driving along on the motorway in heavy traffic and then there was that telephone call which attracted your attention.
 All the time you were driving behind that lorry with MOVING POSTER advertising at the back of the trailer. And as it turns out, the advertisement was precisely for the ice cream you’re now enjoying at the service station. Perhaps you think you weren’t really taking that much notice of the lorry and the ad in front of you. But perhaps you were, more than you realised!
You’re probably wondering: now what kind of story is that?
 Well, as we said, it’s simply a subtle little story taken from real life.
And it shows you that MOVING POSTER truck trailer advertising works!
We come across MOVING POSTER truck advertising every day and are particularly aware of different truck advertising, especially striking advertisements on the rear panels of trucks and lorries.
MOVING POSTER tempts your customers through top-class truck advertising.