The star

Advertising format Full Branding MP 72 advertises on the left and right panels, as well as on the rear panel of the advertising vehicle, on a total area the size of a small flat. It is both impressive and conspicuous.

Your campaign design attains the greatest advertising effect on an area of more than 80 m², both nationally and trans-nationally as well as throughout Europe.

Using advertising format Full Branding MP 72 your campaign becomes the ultimate eye-catcher in all traffic situations and a star.

Data of Full Branding advertising format MP 72

  • MP 72 format size:  13.6 m width x 2.7 m height
    plus MP 12 format size: 2,25 m breit und 2,45 m hoch
  • Placement:  MP 72 on side panels and MP 12 on rear panel of the advertising vehicle
  • Runtime period:    2 weeks to 24 months
  • Advertising days : 22 to 27 days per month
  • Gross impressions chances per MP 72 format unit,
    national per month up to 1.150,000
  • Average coverage of the MP 72 format truck advertising:
    daily minimum 475 to 725 km
  • Advertising area:    just as you wish, regional, national, international.

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