Advertising areas can be chosen selectively.

With MOVING POSTER your advertisement travels as requested to the advertising area selected by you, di-rectly to your target group. We have a fleet of more than 42,000 clean, modern advertising trucks at our disposal, which can be seen in operation around the clock. MOVING POSTER’s contractual partners have an obligation to us, and to you, to drive your advertisement directly to your target group and to your customers.  

You decide where your advertisement should travel, be it in urban areas and their surroundings, in country re-gions, on the motorway or at national and international level. We guarantee your advertising area and ensure that your advertisement reaches its destination and is successful in generating impressions.

Multi-lingual campaigns – one partner.

Do you only advertise in Germany, Switzerland or Austria? Or do you advertise in several countries simultaneously or consecutively? Doesn’t it matter whether in England, Poland or Slovenia, Spain, Italy or France, or in any other European country?

We are your ONE contact for ALL campaigns in European countries.
Getting your multilingual campaign off the ground is simple to organize and doesn’t require any arduous transactions in a foreign language.  

You supply us, and ONLY us, directly with the data in English, German, Polish, Italian, or in the relevant lan-guage of the country in question.

We then process the campaign for you in those areas you wish to attract. Your campaign commences and travels to the exact destination of your choice for as long as you wish.  

This service is one of our greatest strengths and has our guarantee.

National advertising campaigns

We recommend:
Moving poster format Rear Panel MP 12 and format MP 72 Full Branding, at national level and for individual countries selected by you.

The routing of each advertising truck results in a daily road performance of up to 725 kilometres,  generating up to 1.2 million impressions per advertising truck per month.

Regional and/or urban advertising campaigns

We recommend:
Moving poster formats MP24 (left and right panels) and special format MP S, which are ideal for operations in communities or towns and cities.

The routing of each results in an average daily road performance of 437 kilometres and up to 1.2 million impressions per truck per month.  

Advertising campaigns throughout Europe

MOVING POSTER enables you to book your advertising campaign from, and for, any country in Europe. Select individual or multiple countries for your European campaign, irrespective of language.  
Your advantage: Just one contact for each of your campaigns throughout Europe.

We recommend:  
Advertising format Rear Panel MP 12 and Full Branding MP 72, which are ideal for European routes.

Each advertising truck achieves a daily road performance of up to 725 kilometres, generating up to 1.2 million impres-sions per truck per month.

Motorways - the most frequented advertising area.

More than 34 million vehicles travel more than 12,000 kilometres on German motorways each day. Forty percent of all car journeys undertaken in Germany, that’s almost half, take place on just 2% of the entire road network. Traffic volumes are increasing daily and becoming more frequent. More and more people with purchasing power and the desire for consumer goods are moving around in their vehicles, which is perfect for your campaign. 

The law states that motorways must be free from advertising. Only truck advertising and vehicle advertising are permitted, making it ideal for you to address your wellfunded target group on your own. What other form of advertising can offer this – being present in the midst of your target group, in a unique position and creating great appeal in a large format?

We recommend:
Moving poster format Rear Panel MP 12 and Full Branding MP 72 for the motorway network, routes or the north-south or west-east axes.

GPS Tracking – follow your advertising campaign!

All advertising campaigns like to be evaluated when they have run their course. If requested, truck advertising can be continuously monitored with the aid of the GPS tracking feature in MOVING POSTER. In this way you can monitor the course of your MOVING POSTER advertisement anytime and anywhere.

How it works: You book the GPS tracking service and the truck advertising vehicles are then equipped with small GPS devices. These broadcast position signals at short intervals to the base station, where the data are recorded and saved. An easy-to-use programme enables you to see where the truck advertising vehicles are, and which routes they have completed, at any given moment from the comfort of your workplace. Using the statistical data of the traffic flow, you can calculate the corresponding number of possible gross impressions.

GPS tracking enables you to monitor your truck advertising simply and accurately at any time of the day.

Do you have any questions regarding your desired advertising area?

Do you ever ask yourself if we can cover your desired advertising area, or if the truck advertising vehicles actually travel where they are supposed to, or if there is a guarantee for this?  Or perhaps you wonder if the target groups are reached in the advertising area.

"We would be very pleased to answer these questions and any others you might have.
Just call us and we shall be glad to advise you."