Extensive, impressive and exclusive.

Our truck advertising together with your impressive artwork on the mobile billboard posters, enable you to get precisely where you want to be with your target group and their high purchasing power. Moving posters are the only form of advertising permitted on roads and motorways. No other type of advertising can disturb your campaign.  

Your large-format advertising message is displayed without any competition, thereby generating longer dwell times.

Movement, and the impressive representation of your artwork help your MOVING POSTER campaigns to be remembered longer and to create greater appeal. Exclusive, comprehensible and with a success you can measure.

Wider reach and greater frequency.

Presenting your advertising message on an area of up to 80 square metres, travelling great distances of up to 185,000 kilometres annually, coupled with attractive routes, all help to increase the reach of your campaign. 

This improves contact frequency. Mobile billboard posters get your message straight across to your customers with a lasting effect. 

Studies have shown that truck advertising ensures a continuous growth of reach with long-term effects. An ad-vertising truck with a moving poster at the rear is viewed up to 50,000 times daily. More information can be found on the page: Media Data

Advertising areas on request 

Advertising areas and the length of the campaigns can be chosen individually. The truck fleet can operate as required at regional, national or cross-border level, or throughout Europe. Your truck advertising on impressive, mobile billboard posters travels exclusively to the advertising area you have booked.   

Campaigns are flexible in length, depending on the moving poster format, and can be booked from 1 day, 2 weeks or up to 24 months.

MOVING POSTER transports your advertising campaigns directly to your target group. To do this, our truck fleets regularly frequent multi-lane motorway hubs and important traffic junctions.*

Your large-format advertising message acts as an eye-catcher and captivates the observer when overtaking.  More information can be found on the page: Advertising Areas

They stay in the memory longer.

Mobile billboard posters with their advertising message on the advertising truck can be seen around the clock.  

One of the factors contributing to the success of MOVING POSTER is the greater impact of advertising designs when viewed for a longer time in an environment otherwise free of advertising. 

As the advertising trucks with their mobile billboard posters move directly in front of the beholder, dwell times are higher than with other advertising media.

Recall ratings are likewise much greater due to the concentrated field of vision. Depending on the design, impact values of over 80 percent can be attained.
More information can be found on the page: Media Data

A positive aura.

Studies have confirmed that:
Mobile billboard posters on an advertising truck arouse greater interest and are perceived as striking, appealing and youthful.

MOVING POSTER enables you to get your message across to that section of the mobile population with an above-average income with lasting effects.  
More information can be found on the page: Media dataMedia dataMedia Data

Complete transparency with GPS tracking.

If you wish, you can discover the exact location of your advertising trucks and follow the route they have just taken using live GPS.

GPS tracking gives you control over the operational area of the truck advertising vehicles, complete transparency and makes it easy to monitor your specifications.